Auckland to address shortage of housing and infrastructure with Unitary Plan

To address an acute housing shortage brought about by previous poor urban planning, the Auckland City Council launched a Unitary Plan in 2016 that envisages the creation of a world-class liveable super city that is attractive for people and businesses.

The Unitary Plan is the blueprint for Auckland’s future development and will give effect to the sustainable management of its natural and physical resources under the Resource Management Act 1991. It aims to balance different needs such as housing and accommodation with historical and cultural conservation, and environmental and resource preservation. The Unitary Plan is meant to replace past district plans and is the rule book for all kinds of things, including zoning, heritage protection, the metropolitan urban limit, the port, and protecting viewshafts.

Under the Unitary Plan, multi-level efforts to increase investments in areas such as transport, infrastructure and housing are aimed to address the strong demand for residential housing and tourist accommodation in Auckland.